Tuesday, 5 March 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - I broke my fast at 190 hours (8th day)

After almost 8 days (190hrs) I decided to break my Dry Fast. This was the longest Dry Fast I ever done till today. I was aiming for the 200hrs, I was so close. However, in the morning - while I was driving around my parents - I felt my eyes really dry, I couldn't even see very well; so worried I thought it was time to end this journey.
I broke the Dry Fast with a bit of baking soda and ACV, waited half hour or so and started to drink water. My kidneys were hurting me a bit, I had a BM right away, not a pleasant one. But what was more concerning to me is that I got an UTI right away, with blood in my urine and a strong burning sensation. I'm sure I was dehydrated - but it's so fascinating to me to see how, in the presence of water, all infections come back to life! I t was also a cold snowy day, it might have affected the overall reaction. I didn't have any type of food that day, just plenty of water. I had to work in the afternoon, so I was a bit concerned on eating anything that could cause and urgent need to use the bathroom. The afternoon working was demanding, by the end of the night I was drained, my arms felt really weak bringing around those big trays, but I managed to do it after all. The day after I reported 1Kg water weight gain, which it was expected I guess. After almost 8 days without water my body was holding as much as it could! On Sunday - Refeeding Day #2 - I had a papaya smoothie and a broccoli soup, all of that made me gain another 2lb unfortunately, I should also count the food in my bowel, since I didn't have any BM in those 2 days. Yesterday (day #3 after breaking the DF) I had stomach issues; I guess, as my usual, I ate too much and my shrinked stomach didn't like it. I tried to have mostly liquids in these past 3 days, but I don't think I achieved my goal. Today I wanted to start again another round of a Dry Fast but I feel my mouth really dry, that's a sign that I still need water to be able to begin a new prolonged Dry Fast. It's really easy gaining weight, sure after no food, no water I should have just a tiny meal here and there, without stuffing myself like a pig. This morning I was back on 67.7Kg on my scale, which is devastating for me!

Friday, 1 March 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - Dry Fast Day #7

160 hours into the Dry Fast - 65.3 Kg (144lb)
I'm officially into Day #7 and outmatching my previous prolonged Dry Fast - which was exactly 160hrs. I feel full of energy, way more than the previous days, regardless my lack of sleep, since I was able to sleep only 2.5hrs last night. Yesterday I had to work at the banquet hall from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM; it is a no-stop work with a lot of walking and heavy lifting, but I did not feel any sign of weakness or intense thirst - I guess it was the normal one after 6 days without food or water. I was actually surprised to see how much energy I had, even after coming back home I was so chatty and happy with desire of accomplish as many tasks as I could! I removed my makeup, I took a shower and I went twice downstairs to talk to the concierge; I also had conversations with my parents showing them what I had bought during the day in my lunch break. I guess my body was using a lot of ketones for energy due to the demanding work-evening. I had a terrible sleep last night though, maybe that hyper activity affected my sleep somehow; I was able to sleep only 2.5hrs I believe, tossing and turning in my bed. This morning when I woke up I checked my Ketones with my ketostix and it was down to 50mg/dL, now I'm wondering if this was because my body was using the excess of ketones to sustain the strenuous activity. I feel well today and the energy is still pretty high; I walked to come to work at -7°C and enjoyed the whole ride, I was breathing deeply and be thankful to inhale the cold and fresh air. I could have run all the way here without issue. Human body is an amazing unpredictable machine, if it needs energy - somehow it will find it.
Yesterday while working, I wasn't tempted by the food at all; I actually used two big containers to bring home some food for my parents, I hope they will like everything, because there's food for 5 days in those containers!
At this time of the Dry Fast last time I was constantly washing my hands to feel the water running on it, I was washing my mouth to refresh and make it less dry; this time instead I don't really feel an urgent feeling to do these things; sure I like feeling the water contact, and most probably it will be nice to swish some water in my mouth, but it's not a big issue so far. Let's see how I will feel tomorrow when another 24 hours are passed. Thankfully is Friday today and, although I don't have nothing to do at work at the moment, I have the feeling the day will go fast and it will be weekend soon. I don't have many plans for this weekend; I will be working again at the banquet hall on Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sunday will be free to do some house chores and maybe a chance to go to the gym and relax. I was actually contemplating the idea to take a warm bath with Epsom salt, to help relaxation and maybe give the chance to my body to absorb some of the salt; maybe will help the dehydration and it will let me prolong this Dry Fast even more than planned. I feel so good right now that I'm sure if I broke the Fast I will lose all these benefits and I'll be back to square one, struggling to lose weight and unable to restart a new Dry Fast. It really doesn't seem a wise decision at the moment, so I'll do my best to be strong for these next few days and achieve better results.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - Dry Fast Day #6

136 hours into the Dry Fast - 66.55Kg (146.41lb)
I'm finally into my Day #6, still doing well, I don't feel thirsty and my dry mouth is still bearable. I started to have a bit of sense of dryness while talking this morning, but not a major issue yet, I can still talk properly without affecting my speech.
This afternoon after work, I have to go to the banquet hall for my second job, it will be interesting to see my body reaction to a 6-hours no stop walking activity and heavy lifting. I'm usually extremely thirsty when I work at the banquet hall, and right now I'm already dehydrated, so let's see if I will compromise the length of my fast or I'll endure this fasting state. I hope the latter.
Usually at the banquet hall there's ton of free food that is always tempting, but this time I'm bringing with me two containers, to save my meals and bring it home to my family (hoping the picky eaters will like everything).
This morning, when I was walking to work, I was trying to do deep breathing and inhale a bit of the cold air (we are at -12°C today) to hydrate myself - since it's enough humid outside. Unfortunately there's lot of pollution in the downtown core and the deep breathe is not always a pleasant experience. When I'm fasting, my sense of smell is really enhanced, I also enjoy smelling food from everywhere, I can easily distinguish the type of ingredients used in the dishes. My mother had a coconut cookie the other day, and I could smell the coconut even after half hour that she had it.
I enjoy preparing food for my family, it keeps me busy and it helps me not to think much about cooking and eating; somehow I participate to the meal with them without missing the whole experience.
Last night was a sleepless night, I think I slept only 3/4 hours - I hate when I'm turning and tossing in my bed without chances to rest properly. This was the first time, during this Dry Fast, that my sleep was affected. I do feel better this time around, and I'm confident I can keep this fast longer than previously planned.
My mental clarity is not there yet, sometimes I'm wondering if it will ever come during the Dry Fast - since I cannot fast for too many days - or I'm already getting the mental benefits without me fully recognize it. I can see that my speeches are just a bit better today, but I don't feel that state of mind that I get on Day 7/8 during a Water Fast.
This morning I felt, for just few seconds, a feeling in my stomach that I could have a spontaneous BM, but it didn't happen, now I'm wondering if I should do another enema - maybe tomorrow, since today I'm fully booked with my two jobs.
I believe I still have a terrible breath, I used the breath mist a couple of times yesterday, not sure how effective it is. I read on various websites and videos, that this issue should go away after few days of fasting; I'm hoping for that - it is really bad when your breath stinks.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - Dry Fast Day #5

114 hours into the Dry Fast - 67.65 Kg (149lb)
Another day has passed and finally my Ketosis is up to 80mg/dL today. Every fast is different and most probably my prior-fast diet was too high in carbs for my liver to consume all the stored glucose. Believe it or not, today my throat doesn't feel that dry like yesterday, that's weird to me. I did an enema last night, but I have the feeling I did not release all the water from the enema bag. I reported only 1Kg in weight loss, based on how much I released and my Dry Fasting regiment, I should have seen a better result on the scale. But I'm good with that, now I can see on my face that I lost some weight. I feel very positive with this Dry Fast, I have no symptoms of fasting whatsoever, my energy levels are good and my thirst is almost absent so far. I'm confident this could be a long Dry Fast! Aiming for 200hrs and more.
My sleep has not been affected from the fast, which is a gift for me! I don't like being sleepless during the night, I'm always concerned about my adrenals and my resting time. One thing that is really bothering at the moment is my keto breath; I never had this stinky breath before; even my mother noticed how bad and acetone-like it smells. I really don't know what to do, I bought a breath mist spray to use before a meeting, hoping it will help somehow and not break my fast. I really spray only once and I can barely feel it in my mouth, but for me is the price to pay to be able to Dry Fast and work at the same time. I feel good energy today, I walked from home to come in the office, it was snowing and nice in the downtown core. I don't feel tired but my quads are a bit sore from the Monday gym workout - even though it was a chicken workout! I'm so out of shape...

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - Dry Fast Day #4

89 hours into the Dry Fast - 68.65 Kg (151lb)
My Dry Fast is proceeding well so far. Yesterday I felt so normal that I couldn't believe myself I was Dry Fasting since 3 days. I went to the gym after work, I didn't do any strenuous exercise, just brisk walk on the thread mill, a bit of exercise for my legs and a good stretching. It was a gentle workout I would say, but I felt I needed to move in some way; I'm always sitting at my desk - so sedentary is not good for muscle sparing.
I didn't do any enema yet, but I'm planning to do it this afternoon, I have somehow a feeling that something is sitting in my colon that need to be removed.
This coming Thursday and Saturday I have to work at the banquet hall; there, I always eat so much, so late at night; there's so much free food that I always feel wasting all that goodness for nothing. But this time around I would need to bring my own plastic containers and save that food for home, bringing it to my parents - although I know they won't eat it and most likely I will throw it away.....such a waste. They're picky like small children!
Today I have a bit of dry throat, I feel it's still too early to feel thirsty, I hope this sensation will go away soon, because I want to achieve my 200-hours goal this time around. My sleep is not affected so far, which is good - I hate when I can't fall asleep at night. I'm wondering why my throat is so dry, I never experienced this dryness in my previous Dry Fasts. I guess every fast is different from another. This morning my Ketostix was showing only 40mg/dL - the ketone levels in my urine are very low, considering that I had no food and no water for more than 80 hours. Maybe my ketones are used to boost the energy in my body? I read somewhere that when the ketones are used as fuel, the concentration shown on the ketostix tends to be lower. I guess I will have a proof of that in the next couple of days, checking if the ratio changes or not. To be honest I didn't see much of a change in my weight, no matter what the scale says, I don't see myself getting thinner. I usually can tell when I'm losing weight, my face looks skinnier, my big belly slims down, and even a bit my large hips. This time is not yet happening, well after all it's just 3.5 days into this Dry Fast. Maybe after 5/6 days I will see some improvements in my appearance.
So far I'm peeing with an almost normal frequency, but definitely the amount of urine is very little. This morning my urine was a lot and it was extremely dark, like more than usual healthy colour, but I think it's normal since I'm not drinking any water - not sure if this is a sign for healthy Kidneys filtration or the opposite?

Monday, 25 February 2019

2019 Fast 3.0 - Dry Fast Day #3

66 hrs into the Dry Fast - 69.85 Kg (153.6lb)
I restarted my Dry Fast after a previous failure. It was so hard beginning a new Fast, you can't imagine how many times I started my day telling myself: "today no excuses, I'll start the Fast!", to then finding myself eating big breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner! Oh well, fortunately I was able to find enough strengths to go through the first couple of days - those are the hardest ones. I feel good so far, I did not have headaches or withdrawal / detoxing symptoms; I feel well, I'm not thirsty, not hungry and my overall energy is still pretty good. I believe I was well hydrated to be ready to start this new Dry Fast. I'm confident this can be a prolonged Dry Fast, aiming for 8/9 days if my body will let me do it.
For the first couple of days I had regular BMs, I'm urinating as usual and I think the cold weather helps with that too. I'm thinking on doing an enema, if not today I will do it tomorrow - I feel something leftover in my GI tract that I want to get rid off. I didn't check my Ketosis yet, I assume I should be already in Ketosis since all my extremities are really cold. My sleep is not majorly affected yet, I guess in a couple of days I might see changing this sleep pattern. But every Fast is different from another, this time around I feel extremely normal, my body is reacting very well from the abstinence from food and water. I know it is just 66 hrs but I can tell that I'm full of energy ...and saliva!

69 hrs into the Dry Fast - update
I went for my usual walk today for lunch, it was like I did not fast at all. My energy is normal, I'm not thirsty, not hungry; sometimes my stomach is growling - but it goes away in few seconds and it doesn't happen that often. I'm confident I can take on this Dry Fast longer than my previous one, hopefully I can reach my 200hrs goal this time around. I'm urinating less now, but I still went I think 3/4 times since this morning. I'm just bored at work, I don't know what to do and when I don't eat I have so much spare time. I wish I could go on vacation for 2 weeks. Instead I'm stuck at my desk doing absolutely nothing. My mind it not busy with anything so - of course -all my thoughts go to my Dry Fast. Yesterday I was pretty grumpy, I have to admit it. Sometimes happens in the first couple of days, the food-abstinence makes me grumpy and irritable at times. I can tell that my patience is very low, that there's one part of my brain or body that it's screaming at me like: "why are you doing this to me?! Give me food!! I'm starving here!!" - but I'm stronger than that, so I just don't listen. It's seem a torture for whom is reading, but it's all worth it. The after feeling and state of mind is priceless.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Intermittent Fasting vs Dry Fast

It's been 5/6 days now that I am struggling on starting a new Dry Fast. I cannot tell you how tough it is to set your mind and begin a Dry Fast, I go for few hours very well, up to 24hrs and then I give up and start to drink or eat something. I tried OMAD (one meal a day) - even with Dry Fast - but for me this regiment does not work. I'm grumpy all day without food, waiting only my meal time and, regardless the fact that I eat only one meal, I still gain weight and I see same results as when I eat small meals during the whole day! WTH! Why then doing it if I don't get any benefit from? I've seen lots of videos and blogs on the Internet about OMAD and Intermittent Fasting, with people getting amazing results - very inspiring. But I guess everyone is different, my body doesn't react positively to intermittent fasting. I see better results just fasting from any sort of food or drink for prolonged time.
When done properly a Dry Fast can give you the best results you could ever dream of, the fat just comes off day by day with a constant rate. Sure, it is a short term fast, longer than a week is extremely hard to maintain, and even after 7 days the end is very close anyway. Even thinking on doing a back-to-back Dry Fasting routine is not that easy. It took me almost 5 days to rehydrate properly after my 6.5 days without food and water. Once you broke a prolonged Dry Fast, you need days before the body gets back to where it was (in terms of liquids); not to mention the physical and mental challenges on starting again a new Fast! During the week, while I'm at work I think: "maybe I need the weekend to get distracted and begin a new Fast", while when the weekend comes I think: "maybe during the week is easier since I don't have food always around me". It doesn't work like this...ever. You need to be mentally prepared to start a fast, no matter what day of the week it is.