Thursday, 21 June 2018

My new challenge - Prolonged Dry/Water Fast

Dry Fasting Day #1
@ 9:00 AM - 12hrs into the Dry Fast
I finally decided to begin a new Fast, this time I'm fully committed on reaching my goals!
It's been 16 days now since my surgery, I had a terrible flu after the surgery and my willpower of beginning a new fast was basically out of the window. But now I am ready, I keep on repeating myself that - no matter what I choose - time will pass and it's my choice to either wake up like this another day or wake up a new me everyday.
So far is ok, only 12hrs into a Dry fast; my stomach is growling but hunger goes in waves for me, so I just need to wait for the wave to pass. The first 3/4 days are always tough but, after that, I feel better, my mood improves and I start to fell more positive.
@ 12:45 PM - 15.5hrs into the Dry Fast
I'm feeling really hungry now, I guess because it's lunch time. I had lots of temptations of giving up for today and eat something, that I could start again tomorrow or the next day. But I don't want to give up and I'm still here with no food and no water, trying to be strong. A light headache is coming up and I'm often yawning, I guess my body's way to ask for food. I'm also feeling all my muscles like asleep with a strong desire of stretching all the times, but I'm not sure this is related to the fast...too little time to see any kind of side effect yet.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Another Prolonged Fast - finally begins

I was finally able to start a new prolonged Fast this past Monday, not without difficulties I must to say; I tried and tried but I couldn’t stick to the fast not even for a day! Never happened before, I always had false attempts yes, but eventually I was always able to start fasting – actually quite often beginning with a Dry Fast.

I believe it was due to my high levels of stress; I’m sure I have adrenals fatigue in this period. I recently moved in my condo and the decision was forced by combination of events, so I had to plan everything very quickly. My mother’s surgery put on a lot of stress on me too, she was always nervous because of the surgery and being so far away did not help the overall situation.

Water Fast Day #1

The first day passed quickly and without any issue, not headache this time – and I’m really glad for that. I had some stomach growling but nothing major; I was also able to go to the gym at 6:00AM and feeling ok after (but I still had lots of glucose flowing all over my blood I’m sure). No BM today and I felt somehow bloated with lots of water retention…maybe my TOM?

Water Fast Day #2

The second day was not as easy as the first one. I had lots of stomach growling - I really felt hungry and thinking about food or to give up. But I was strong enough this time and I kept on fasting. I drunk only water these 2 first days, nothing else – actually I didn’t feel thirsty so didn’t drink much.

Fasting Day #3

On day three I started to drink decaf coffee with stevia and a bit of almond milk, lemon water and a couple of chamomile teas - no sugar, I use Stevia because I know does not affect my Ketosis. I was irritable all day, not able to focus much – here and there depression feelings, maybe a detox symptom or simply my TOM coming up. In the morning I was able to go to the gym though, not a great workout maybe but better than zero workouts!

Fasting Day #4

Day four I felt lazy and didn’t want to go to work, so I took a sick day. Working 7 days a week is tough on me, I need the money though so I have to be strong and keep going for now. I wanted to stay home, relax in bed for once – without the rush to be at work by 8:00AM or earlier. It was a beautiful sunny day so – around lunch time - I decided to take my scooter and visit a store I never been before, to check some furniture for my condo. It was a long drive, but I enjoyed. I didn’t feel hungry, just the coffee sometimes doesn’t agree with my empty stomach but I’m getting used to it. Sleep is still good.

Fasting Day #5

Today is the second visit with my dietitian – he gave me a meal plan to follow but I started fasting so didn’t actually follow his plan. I’m thinking on not telling him that I’m fasting, not everyone agrees with all the benefits from food abstinence. But maybe going forward I will tell him. As per today I will see him once a week to check my weight and how I’m doing. It keeps me accountable and my insurance covers for it so it’s practically free. I went to the gym this morning at 6:00AM, and this was the first day where I felt weak in my arms, lighter maybe with my weight but starting to feel some side effects of the Fast.

I still didn’t check my weight neither my ketosis. My dietitian will check the weight for me today (a week after first weigh in) and I might check my ketones in a couple of days, it usually takes me not less than 3 days to start burning fat. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Water Fast Day #22

Thursday – Water Fast Day #22
11:30 AM
In these days I’m thinking and thinking on how to break the Fast. One very important thing to be aware of, when breaking a prolonged fast, is that right after the Fast is broken a famine hunger comes very suddenly; so strong that I could eat the entire McDonald’s menu 5 times! So I will need to have a very detailed plan on how to break my Fast and be very strict to stick with it 100%. That’s why I am trying to figure out what is the best way of refeeding. In my previous fasts I always ate watermelon, to begin with, but this time around I would like to start with some vegetable juice too; actually I was thinking on having a drink of 50% juice of veggies and fruits and 50% of water – this to avoid a big spike of insulin. The first day I would have 8 ounces of this mix, 4 times during the day and with the days I would increase the ounces and decrease the frequency of my meals. I will post a detailed plan when I finalize it.
Today I don’t feel great in terms of motivation, I often think about eating or drinking something, but I’m being strong and not surrender to these temptations. I think it might be also due to the fact that is Christmas time, all around is a feast of colours, food, gifts, and of course I would like to enjoy the season and eat everything I could possibly eat, all those cookies, pastry and tasty sweets! But I guess is a good thing for me that I’m fasting during the holidays, so I won’t gain back in a snap everything I lost with so many sacrifices.
When doing a prolonged fast is normal having some weak moments; it’s part of the process for sure; but being in Ketosis helps, no food can certainly tempt me enough to break my fast. The only thing that could force anyone to give up a Water Fast, after so many days, is a physical issue that is compromising the wellbeing of the individual itself, this danger can be scary enough to break earlier…or not, any fast. So learn to listen carefully to your body and not push too much to reach too fast a breaking point.
It is Day #22 today but it’s still so early for me, I have lost basically nothing compared on how much I still need to lose, so I must keep going no matter what, otherwise I would be just wasted 22 days for nothing. But I’ll keep on going, I know it’s boring but the days will pass and I’ll be thankful that I did it; after all this is just between me myself and I.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Water Fast Day #21

Wednesday – Water Fast Day #21
10:30 AM
I’m back in the office today; I took yesterday off to do some errands and to go for a spa day, I really needed. Today I don’t feel doing much; I’m not sure if I am weak or just bored and unmotivated. In any case, I don’t feel hungry and fasting does not bother me much, I just like cooking and eating so I kind of miss that. Sometimes I feel a bit worn down, sort of weak but not exactly, I don’t know how to define it, I might be depleting my electrolytes and some vitamins I guess, I should do a blood test to check, but I’m lazy.
My weight is going down very slowly, as I already said hundreds times I guess, but this is my biggest concern at the moment, I’m not sure I can handle, physically, more than 50 days without food, I should take something, like Sodium, Potassium but I don’t know exactly what’s the best way to do it. Is drinking salt and water enough for my Sodium intake? How much Potassium should I take daily? My stomach gets upset if I take supplements. This morning I took a B complex pill and right after I was burping on B vitamin! I really don’t know what to do for this issue; it might compromise my ability to continue the fast.
My Ketosis is staying stable at 80mg/dL, which is good, it means I’m burning fats on a good rate; I still cannot fit in all my dresses though, but I guess is normal since I’m still way overweight and far from my target goal weight.
I did not have any BM lately, apart from the coffee effect on Monday, so this morning I was thinking that I should do an enema, not that I really feel I need it, but as prevention and cleaning measurement.
One thing I was thinking about today, that I believe I do not have Candida anymore; after these 2 past prolonged Fasts I think the level of Candida in my system went definitely down to normal values, which is a good news.
For the rest I’m doing ok I guess; days are passing, I’m already on over 20+ days, I’m trying to go to the gym as much as I can, without doing strenuous exercises; but I register good losses when I’m more active during the day. A lot of people say that after 30 days something changes in the body and we become weaker and weaker; I’m wondering if this is the case for me too; I mean last time it was definitely true for me; I felt very weak after day #30 and I wanted to break the Fast, but this time around this is not in my plans, so I hope I don’t have to deal with this – since I still have a long journey ahead of me.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Water Fast Day #19

Monday – Water Fast Day #19
9:30 AM
My Fast is proceeding well, it seems very slow but days are passing by and my weight is going down, helping me feeling better and fitting in some of my clothes without breaking any zip!
This past weekend I was working, but my part-time job does not require any strenuous activity, so I was mostly sitting on the couch watching TV. This morning my Ketosis was less than usual, at 40mg/dL; it’s been stable at 80mg/dL since I started the Fast, I’m not sure why, I still have plenty of fat on me to burn. I want to check it tomorrow – since this afternoon I’ll be going to the gym for my usual swimming workout; but overall I think I’ll be more active today.
So far I feel ok, for the first time, since I started this Fast, this past weekend I felt a bit weak and tired, not sure if it could be that I wasn’t being very active. For me, if I don’t get moving during a fast, I tend to become weak and without desire of doing anything. But at the end, I completed everything I was supposed to do, without major issues. I must to say though, that the night before I didn’t have much sleep so it could be that too; last night in fact I slept without waking up once, which is uncommon for me when I fast.
This morning I had a big decaf coffee and now my tummy hurts; I went already once to the bathroom, and whatever BM I had was mostly coffee I think. I should not drink coffee so quickly, especially in the morning, my stomach is very sensitive. I still have my period, this thing is very odd for me that I usually miss my period for months, who knows what’s happening with my hormones?!
My tongue is still coated, it gives me the usual terrible taste, it makes me feel thirsty when I’m not, but I’m learning to live with it, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.
I’m losing an average of 200gr per day, which is very little I know; it seems my body is getting used to fasting an d it holds on my fat longer than previous fasts, well at least that’s how I feel but I might be wrong; every fast is different after all.
I hope I can be done by mid of December, although is not looking good as a date – since I still have at least 20 pounds to lose and they will not be gone overnight; I also believe I will be losing less and less going forward so there’s that too. Well let’s see I’ll figure out with the weeks, hopefully not too many weeks!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Water Fast Day #16

Friday – Water Fast Day #16
10:30 AM
It’s been a bit more than 2 weeks now into this Fast and so far I’m ok I guess. This morning for the first time I felt very weak with my arms, contrary on how I’ve been feeling in the past days; I had lots of energy and I feel very positive. I’m managing to go to the gym/swimming pool 3 times a week; it’s been nice so far and not heavy on my muscles for sure. Strangely my period came back, just after 2 weeks or so, it never happened before, but I’m not worried – I’m sure this fast is messing up a bit my hormones so I guess is normal. Because of TOM I’m not going to the pool this afternoon but instead I’ll go to the gym to do some exercise on the machines, I don’t want to miss it anyway, it’s good to have a routine.
My tongue is still heavily coated, it makes my mouth feeling awful; this is one thing that I really hate of a fast; it makes everything harder, it gives me this constant feeling that I’m thirsty or something, which is not true; but there’s no relief for that, I tried many thing…the coating will always be there as long as I fast.
My weight loss is still slow but I noticed bigger losses when I go to the gym and I’m more active during the day; that’s another reason why I want to keep on going – until I have energy to do it, since I assume I’ll be weaker in the following weeks. But again, every fast is different from another, so I might not experience the same weakness as before. I’m also taking some vitamins here and there, trying not to take too many since they upset my stomach. I’m also drinking black decaf coffee, and I assume there is a small percentage of caffeine in it, so maybe it is helping me somehow with my energy – total assumptions though. I did notice though that the decaf coffee does not upset my stomach as the lemon water does, maybe the lemon acidity is bad while fasting?

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Water Fast - Day #13

Tuesday – Water Fast Day #13
10:00 AM
Today begins my 13th day of this Fast; I would say every fast is different from another, in the way I feel, the way I lose weight and also the way I drink. So far I feel very good, the high feeling of the Ketosis is fully in and I feel very energetic. I’m going to the swimming pool every other day and I hope I keep on doing it, it’s a very light exercise but helps me a lot with the mood and how I feel in general. This morning I did the terrible mistake of taking some vitamins all together, I was almost throwing up after 10 minutes. I will never do it again, that’s it, when fasting I cannot take any supplement; I just hope my lack of electrolytes will not force me to stop the fast further during the next weeks.
One new thing for this fast is that I’m drinking instant decaf coffee with a couple of drops of stevia; it is not affecting my Ketosis – which is still constant at 80mg/dL – and I would say even the weight loss is not hugely impacted; unless I Dry Fast I never see large losses on a daily basis anyway.
Yesterday I was trying to do some estimation, in terms of time, on how long I should fast to reach my weight goal; well the “estimation” was definitely depressing, it might take 60 days or more! I’m just concerned that I would be in the middle of my refeeding process for my January vacation South; I would like to avoid it though, since I will want to enjoy my trip without thinking on how my asleep stomach feels – ok, mostly because refeeding means that I need a bathroom trip every time I eat or drink something. Well I guess the weeks will tell how long this Fast will need to last.
The weight loss is very slow, some days I lose just 200gr, some others a bit more; but as long as I am in Ketosis I guess I’m ok. I don’t really care what the scale says, because I can see it in the mirror how I look, how my clothes fits; it doesn’t fit anything yet so I’m not losing much; but it’s been only 12/13 days so I’m not complaining.
My tongue is heavily coated, and my mouth has the usual bad taste; if I drink coffee it tends to go darker of course, but I can still feel the tick coating; I hope it will get better with the days.
Another thing I noticed this time around is that my period started and took so long before it ended; somehow when I fast the hormones get messed up and I guess my period too; but I think it’s also a chance of cleaning so it’s not a negative thing after all.
Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had to do lots of errands so I walked a lot around during lunch time, plus I went to the gym for half hour in the pool and 10 minutes in the sauna. Moving and exercising helps me a lot with my weight loss, and till I have such a great energy I should take advantage of it and try to be as much active as I can, because as soon as I stop and lye on the bed to “rest”, I will not find again the same energy.