Tuesday, 31 July 2018

My new challenge - Prolonged Fasting Part #2

Fasting Day #41
I can't believe 41 days passed since I touched solid food. I'm living on water, decaf coffee and cream/milk. My Ketosis is not impressive in these days. Due to the coffee creamer I cannot go over 5mg/dL, so my overall energy and mood is inevitably compromised. But I'm still feeling good, actually great since I lost 10Kg so far (around 22lb). Sometimes I wonder if this awful type of diet that I'm doing, is causing any damage to my stomach or something else inside me, I really hope not. I'm still working out 3 times a week, I would not define great workouts though, due to my terrible personal trainer. But a workout is better than zero and after all it makes feel better knowing that - at least I'm trying. My weight loss is obviously super slow with a ketosis of 5mg/dL, but I'm ok with that. If I lose weight too quickly, I go into the famine mode in no time after breaking this fast, and my weight right now is not extremely high, it gives me the chance to wear some of my dresses that were not fitting anymore - I would say 30% of them. I'm sure I will fast for the rest of August, so approximately another 30 days or so. Days are passing by and I just don't think about my fast anymore; I live every day as the previous one, without thinking on when I'll break this fast. Maybe because I know exactly that my goal is still so far away, that why bother? I'm not even half way through.
Fasting Day #77
I missed lots of days on updating my status, but I'm still here, alive, with my odd-modified-fast that is giving tons of satisfactions after all. I'm not losing weight too quickly, but still ok, always thinking that my body doesn't like losing on a high speed. It gets back everything with interests! I'm getting used to just drinking decaf coffee and creamers, but I had a couple of times bone broth, disgustingly healthy maybe but I can't have more than 1/2 cups every other day. In terms of energy I feel normal really, workout continued as scheduled, although my personal trainer is not the greatest on making work hard. In any case I almost completed all the sessions I paid, so I'll not renew the collaboration with her - never again! I spent so much money I could've paid the gym for 5 years straight. Oh well, live and learn. Now I'm more prone on going back to the gym soon and start to exercise in the real way; hopefully more effectively than before. I didn't check my ketosis since a while, since I'm drinking this cream and sometimes milk, I don't think my body is in high state of Ketosis, but its' ok, I mean I don't feel hungry so I guess the fat burning ...somehow, should still be there, though in smaller amounts. Today I looked at some of my pictures and I feel I look old on my face; I'm not very young but a couple of years ago, when my water fast was ending, my face skin looked so much better. I'm wondering if this 70+ days without eating a proper diet affected the overall health of my mature skin, I hope not. For sure I won't be able to continue for too long in this way though. I don't feel weak or anything like that, my energy levels are good, but who knows my liver, my kidneys, my digestive track and my adrenals what they are thinking right now and how they are functioning so far. I'm having BMs almost regularly, I don't drink much water though, sometimes I add my electrolytes solution to a little bottle and I drink it all - but not every day. Today I have a bad headache, very rare for me - so I'm not sure what could be the cause. I guess my body will soon start to lack on nutrients and essential vitamins, protein and amino acids, so I would need to give up what I'm doing. Not that I feel joy on restraining myself of eating. But I did plan to have some sort of light soup/broth once I get under 59 KG, which is going to take a little while still, since I'm on 62.7 KG today. I was in the 63Kg range for almost a month! It was awful, my weight was going up and then down, and then up and then down, I hated. I don't want to see the number 63 for the rest of my life. I could speed up everything by just drinking water, but it's not a long term solution for me, neither for my body. Too much weight lost too quickly.

Friday, 22 June 2018

My measurements during Fasting

I'll do a post with all my numbers and how they change during my prolonged fast. The body's measurements will be updated on a weekly basis or so, while weight and Fat % I'll check more often.

Dry Fasting Day #1
Weight = 75.4Kg (166lb)
FAT % = 33.1%
BMI = 27.4
Body's Measurements
Hips = 111cm
Waist = 92cm
Neck = 34cm
Upper Leg = 67cm right / 67cm left
Calf = 37.5cm right / 36cm left
Bicep = 29.5cm right / 29cm left
Under Arm = 92cm
Dry Fasting Day #3
Weight = 73.4Kg (162lb)
Dry Fasting Day #5
Weight = 71Kg (156.5lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL
FAT % = 33.1%
BMI = 25.8

Water Fasting Day #6
Weight = 70.7Kg (156lb)
Ketosis = 80mg/dL
FAT % = 32.9%
BMI = 25.6

Water Fasting Day #7
Weight = 70.5Kg (155.8lb)
Ketosis = 80mg/dL

Water Fasting Day #8
Weight = 70.3Kg (155.3lb)
Ketosis = 80mg/dL

FAT % = 32.2%
BMI = 25.5

Water Fasting Day #9
Weight = 70Kg (154lb)
Ketosis = 80mg/dL

Fasting Day #10
Weight = 70Kg (154lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL

Fasting Day #13
Weight = 69.2Kg (153lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

FAT % = 32.1%
BMI = 25.1
Fasting Day #14
Weight = 69Kg (152.5lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

Fasting Day #15
Weight = 69Kg (152.5lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL

Fasting Day #16
Weight = 68.8Kg (152lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL

FAT % = 31.5%
BMI = 25.0
Fasting Day #17
Weight = 68.5Kg (151.4lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

Fasting Day #19
Weight = 68.3Kg (151lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

Fasting Day #20
Weight = 68.3Kg (151lb)
Ketosis = 5mg/dL

Fasting Day #21
Weight = 68.3Kg (151lb)
Ketosis = 5mg/dL

FAT %= 30.6%
BMI = 24.7
Fasting Day #22
Weight = 68.1Kg (150.5lb)
Ketosis = 7mg/dL

Fasting Day #23
Weight = 67.9Kg (150lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL

Fasting Day #24
Weight = 67.6Kg (149.35lb)
Ketosis = 40mg/dL

Fasting Day #26
Weight = 67.3Kg (148.7lb)
Ketosis = none

Fasting Day #27
Weight = 67.1Kg (148.25lb)
Ketosis = ?

Fasting Day #28
Weight = 67.1Kg (148.25lb)
Ketosis = ?

Fasting Day #29
Weight = 66.9Kg (147.8lb)
Ketosis = 12mg/dL

Fasting Day #30
Weight = 66.6Kg (147lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

Fasting Day #33

Weight = 67.1Kg (148.25lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

Fasting Day #34

Weight = 65.9Kg (145.6lb)
Ketosis = 15mg/dL

FAT %= 30.0%
BMI = 23.9
Fasting Day #35

Weight = 65.9Kg (145.6lb)
Ketosis = ?

Fasting Day #36
Weight = 66Kg (145.8lb)
Ketosis = ?

Fasting Day #37
Weight = 66Kg (145.8lb)
Ketosis = ?

Fasting Day #41
Weight = 65.1Kg (143.8lb)
Ketosis = 5mg/dL

FAT %= 29.4%
BMI = 23.7
Fasting Day #49
Weight = 64.1Kg (141.6lb)
Fasting Day #50
Weight = 63.9Kg (141.2lb)
Fasting Day #52
Weight = 63.8Kg (140.9lb)
Fasting Day #54
Weight = 63.4Kg (140.1lb)
Fasting Day #55
Weight = 63.8Kg (140.9lb)
Fasting Day #56
Weight = 63.5Kg (140.3lb)
Fasting Day #57
Weight = 63.7Kg (140.7lb)
Fasting Day #58
Weight = 63.4Kg (140.1lb)
Fasting Day #59
Weight = 63.6Kg (140.5lb)
Fasting Day #61
Weight = 63.4Kg (140.1lb)
Fasting Day #63
Weight = 63.2Kg (139.6lb)
Fasting Day #64
Weight = 63.2Kg (139.6lb)
Fasting Day #65
Weight = 63.1Kg (139.4lb)
Fasting Day #66
Weight = 62.8Kg (138.7lb)
Fasting Day #67
Weight = 63.2Kg (139.6lb)
Fasting Day #68
Weight = 63.2Kg (139.6lb)
Fasting Day #69
Weight = 62.7Kg (138.5lb)
Fasting Day #70
Weight = 63Kg (139.2lb)
Fasting Day #71
Weight = 62.3Kg (137.6lb)
Fasting Day #72
Weight = 62.8Kg (138.7lb)
Fasting Day #77

Weight = 62.7Kg (138.5lb)

Thursday, 21 June 2018

My new challenge - Prolonged Dry/Water Fast

Dry Fasting Day #1
@ 9:00 AM - 12hrs into the Dry Fast
I finally decided to begin a new Fast, this time I'm fully committed on reaching my goals!
It's been 16 days now since my surgery, I had a terrible flu after the surgery and my willpower of beginning a new fast was basically out of the window. But now I am ready, I keep on repeating myself that - no matter what I choose - time will pass and it's my choice to either wake up like this another day or wake up a new me everyday.
So far is ok, only 12hrs into a Dry fast; my stomach is growling but hunger goes in waves for me, so I just need to wait for the wave to pass. The first 3/4 days are always tough but, after that, I feel better, my mood improves and I start to fell more positive.
@ 12:45 PM - 15.5hrs into the Dry Fast
I'm feeling really hungry now, I guess because it's lunch time. I had lots of temptations of giving up for today and eat something, that I could start again tomorrow or the next day. But I don't want to give up and I'm still here with no food and no water, trying to be strong. A light headache is coming up and I'm often yawning, I guess my body's way to ask for food. I'm also feeling all my muscles like asleep with a strong desire of stretching all the times, but I'm not sure this is related to the fast...too little time to see any kind of side effect yet.
Dry Fasting Day #2
@ 11:00 AM - 38hrs into the Dry Fast
A day passed, not without difficulties or temptations I have to say, but I'm hanging in there and keeping on fasting. I had no water yet but I'm showering and using water to clean or brush my teeth. I'm not thirsty nor hungry right now. I didn't check my Ketosis yet because I believe it's too early to see any sign of ketones. Maybe I'll check it in a couple of days, it usually starts around day #4 for me. I didn't have any BM today and not feeling the need quite yet, but maybe soon I'll do an enema, when I'll resume to drink water. I took all my measurements yesterday, I want to check my progresses every week or so. Weight wise I was on a terrible 75.4KG (166lb); but I trust the Dry Fast that helps me burn a lot of fat - if I can stick to it long enough. Today there's a Pride celebration in my office with a lot of free food, I'm thinking on ditching the celebration, I'm not in ketosis yet and I'm extremely weak when comes to food.
I went to the gym this morning at 6:00AM, just for half hour workout. I'm not in shape so working out can be really tough on me and my heavy weight. I hope it will improve with the time and the pounds melting away!

Dry Fasting Day #5
@ 9:00 AM - 108hrs into the Dry Fast
I'm well into my fifth Dry Fast day, still not feeling thirsty but at times a bit hungry. My tongue is getting white-coated and the feeling in my mouth is terrible. That is the reason why I'm always tempted on breaking my Dry Fast.

This morning, despite the 4+ days of dry fasting, I'm still only in medium Ketosis. I don't know why but the more I fast the longest takes for me to enter into Ketosis. They say that you get keto-adapted and reach ketosis faster, but it's not true, at least for me. My little machine didn't show any change in my Body Fat %, but I'm not sure it's actually precise. I'm in ketosis after all and I can see fat slimming down on my belly - even my ring is fitting larger now! And I cannot say I had that much muscle on the little right finger ("pinky").
I was able to workout this morning, but my strengths are not the same, I get hot sometimes for no reason. My blood pressure must be low in these days. I cannot do much cardio but I was able to do more weight lifting and stuff like that. I know that exercising while fasting is not advisable, but I don't want to stop on being active; it does not help during a fast, I get weaker if I don't move - believe it or not. In any case my workout is not that strenuous, I take it easy and rest between exercises as long as I need. 
@ 1:00 PM - 112hrs into the Dry Fast
I don't feel thirsty but just desire to break my Dry Fast and drink some water. Usually when I start to drink again, after a prolonged Dry Fast, my heart rate goes up quickly, even with a small sip. I get hot like when you drink a cold cold beverage in a hot summer day (even though I drink water only room temperature). I feel more energetic though than yesterday; I didn't have much to do this morning at work so I sat on my chair browsing Internet and basically doing nothing. I would say it's a kind of rest! I also believe my Ketosis is improving so my energy is going up. Well I hope so, I'd like to see a dark ketostix tomorrow morning. I'm sure after drinking water my weight loss will stop if not reverse for a bit. But I'm not worried, I know it's not fat that I gained but only water.
Fasting  Day #6
I broke my Dry Fast yesterday afternoon with just water. After I drunk a glass of water I had a BM right away. That was good for me, I don't want anything sitting in my GI tract for such long time. Last night around 2:15AM I started to feel uncomfortable with my stomach, I knew a new BM was coming. So it did. Not much, mostly water but I felt better after. My arms are starting to feel weaker and I don't like this thing because it's been only 6 days and my journey is still long. I want to keep on exercising during this fast and if I'm too weak I won't be able to. My Ketosis this morning was high at 80mg/dL, I'm happy for that. That means I'm burning fat at higher pace. I'm thinking on including Dry Fast days during this fasting journey, like 2/3 days here and there, depends on how I feel. I like the fact that I don't have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes when I'm dry fasting! I'm so lazy I know...
Last night I felt my feet freezing; not that was cold and I didn't feel cold the rest of my body either. I just had cold feet, I wanted to wake up and put on a big pair of socks, but I was too sleepy to do it. I'm sure it was the Ketosis rising up. I didn't have a great sleep too, very common for me - while fasting, having these sleepless nights; not ideal when trying to rest as much as I can.
Today I had coffee and a bit of lime in my morning hot water. The coffee left me a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm sure it's also due to the white-coating on my tongue. Apparently after few days this issue should go away, but I either never did a fast long enough to seeing disappearing this issue or it doesn't happen to me at all. I must to say, after all my tongue is not that white - I'm hoping it's because my detoxing process, through the fasts is improving with the time.
Fasting  Day #8
So far I'm doing ok; my sleep is getting interrupted as usual but my mental clarity is improving day by day. My weight loss is already slowed down unfortunately; maybe because I'm drinking lime/lemon water and 2 coffee per day, I don't know but my Ketosis is still very good. I went to the gym yesterday and I have to say that was a bad workout. I need to rest more between repetitions and not that I'm exercising like crazy anyway, I don't have the body shape to do it! This coming long weekend I'd like to try to take a break from my liquids and do 3 days of Dry Fast, just to reset my stomach. It doesn't like much when I drink coffee or anything else for that matter. Not that I drink anything but yesterday I had water with electrolytes powder and I was noxious after few minutes. Never do it again. Days are longer when fasting, well even nights since I have hard time sleeping. These trips to the bathroom really annoy me, that is also why I want to do a Dry Fast. Energy levels are ok, just not too much strength in my arms but it was expected, I hope it won't get worst with the time, since I just renewed 24 sessions with my personal trainer. I still want to try to workout as much as I can, if anything just to build a healthy routine of exercising.
Fasting Day #9
I am almost at 2-digit number with my days. At the end it's true, time goes no matter what; sure fasting for a prolonged period of time is tough, days feel longer, time is managed differently - since the cooking-eating-cleaning dishes part is missing. But days will pass and time will be gone, so my extra fat I hope. From yesterday I got a better weight loss, a bit more than half pound - it doesn't seem much - but I'm happy to see a loss anyway. It is common, during a fast, that I don't see any change even for 3 days, crazy when not eating absolutely anything.
Surprisingly I slept very well last night, I woke up a couple of times only to use the washroom, but - apart from that - I was sleeping fine. It's amazing what a good night sleep can do. This early morning I workout in the gym with my personal trainer, it was a good workout. I didn't have much strengths when we first began to exercise, but after half hour or so, I felt very energetic and pushed a bit more. Most probably I will be a bit sore tomorrow, but it's a fair price to pay I guess. Today is Friday and this is a long weekend, well for most of the people around me. Not for me unfortunately, that I'll be working the whole 3 days. But I want to take as chance to Dry Fast if I can. This morning I took a 50million probiotics pill, thinking on helping my good bacteria; I'm also drinking - on every other day - the Bell Kidney Tea, with squeezed lemon or lime; I hope to help my kidney filtering better during this prolonged Fast. I'm not hungry at all, sure I feel my stomach growling once in a while, but it doesn't bother me and certainly is not tempting to eat anything. I can already see my body changing, I didn't lose much in terms of number, but I think it's mostly fat (which is lighter than muscle) so more visible - for me at least. I feel my skin is clearing up nicely; my chicken feet wrinkles are not that bad so far, which is so nice for me. I never cared much about wrinkles but ...less wrinkles? Why not!
Last night I had sort of signs that my TOM was coming, but today I don't see anything, maybe I will begin my period officially in the next few hours, or for sure if I Dry Fast. Today I had a BM, mostly liquid but I prefer knowing that my GI is still working and not fully asleep, because otherwise when I break my fast I'll be constipated for days and days! I don't want to do that. I was also thinking of doing another colonics in the next few days, so I can clean up what else is left in my colon, didn't decide yet.

Fasting Day #13
My good intention of doing a long weekend Dry Fasting didn't go through as I was hoping. Also true that, in the back of my mind, I had this certainty of not be able to pursue my goal. Into a Fast I have always difficulties of beginning a new Dry Fast. Let's see going forward, if I will be so tired of drinking, that I'll give up the liquids altogether for few days. My weight is going down very slowly, I must say it's also my fault. I'm drinking so much coffee and milk/cream that I'm actually surprised why I'm not gaining! It's obviously clear to me that my metabolism is already very slow. But this doesn't take much, the most important part is being aware of this issue and breaking a fast so slowly to gently let the body restore a good metabolic rate. Easy to say right?
One thing that I'm noticing every moment of the day is my mental clarity; I called limitless effect. It's on in full speed right now, I'm so focused, I can think and talk so clearly. Speaking using my mother language makes me feel like a professor! I can also give easy explanations about feelings, situations, behaviours. It is unbelievable how the brain can function so efficiently when in this state. Yesterday I was wondering if the human beings, exposed to this type of mental sharpness for centuries, would have evolved differently. No answer of course is ever possible, just thinking. When fasting is all in your head, every thing you do, will first pass in your head many times. I call this state limitless effect also because, as the original movie, the desire of cleaning and organizing stuff is amplified. I was working this past long weekend and I cleaned up and sorted all the drawers of the house. I'm usually very precise but - when in this state - is much more. I'm also happy to report that, despite my low ketones at 15mg/dL this morning, I'm full of energy; no sign of weakness whatsoever. I can't wait to workout tomorrow morning and see how my body reacts.
One thing - on the negative side - happened yesterday though. I was getting and cleaning something fell on the floor, on standing up I felt extremely dizzy, as rarely happened in my life. I guess my blood sugar level was very low, it didn't last more than few seconds, and I felt better right away. I'm definitely not worried, I'm sure my blood pressure and glycemic index are all messed up. But I didn't die and I can tell when my body is not feeling well. In that case I would break the fast, without trying to be a hero. TOM came and left already, without no sign of it, no pain, no issue. I wish every month could be like that!
I often have hard time to begin a fast and to stick to it though the first few days. If I could only feel for few minutes how I feel now, I would never hesitate on keep on going. I don't care about food, I don't even care how much I weight really, but I like how I look today, my face looks skinnier and I was almost losing my iron ring this morning on my Vespa! Even my hands are shrinking down apparently. That means I had chubby hands wth!
I'm sleeping well so far, apart from last night; but I'm thinking that it could be due to what happened to me during the day. I had a big fight at work, and all the words, calls and so on were coming back in my mind while I was in bed. I believe my adrenals are stressed, so today I bought a supplements for adrenals fatigue. I'll take a pill before bed, hoping that could help me sleep. If I don't sleep enough my weight doesn't move and in general my body doesn't get the chance to heal itself while resting.
Fasting Day #19
The weeks are passing, my fast is going very well so far. I don't feel any weakness in any time of the day, my mood is great, I'm not hungry and I can see my body shredding fat every day a bit more. The scale number doesn't go down quickly, but I never been a Big Loser, that's ok though - I'm in Ketosis and any loss is a loss, that's what matters. My ketosis is not extremely high, always between 15mg/dL and 40mg/dL; this is due to the coffee and cream that I drink every day. I know I should just drink plain water, but not an easy task for me. I can keep longer if I do it this way. After 40 days I'm thinking on introducing Bone Broth, but not 100% sold to this idea yet. My sleep is often interrupted by my urge to use the bathroom, otherwise I would say I sleep very well. Since just few days I started to take supplements for adrenal fatigue, one in the morning and 2 at night, hoping it will help me sleep better and relax my adrenals - I think the fast can put so much stress on it. I'm not thinking about food really, I don't even want to break the fast at the moment, maybe in me there is the consciousness that this fast will last long, so I just avoid wondering and asking myself on when is going to end. After all my weight goal is still pretty far. I'm trying to exercise 3 times a week when I can; I have a personal trainer that comes to my building at 6:00 AM, for about 45 minutes. She talks a lot and we don't achieve much for the whole hour, but I'm taking it as a way to build a healthy habit for my exercise routine. I shall do it by myself going forward. I don't see any big change in terms of strengths, maybe sometimes when I lift heavier weights with my arms, but I wasn't in shape before starting the fast anyway, so I don't know if it's actually me or the 19 days without solid food. I'm still having daily BMs, mostly liquid but my GI tract is still pretty active. Sometimes my belly is growling but in waves and is not for hunger, I think liquids or just the coffee effect. Very often, in my previous fasts, I was thinking about food, buying stuff that I would eventually eat, looking at new recipes. Now I really don't care about food or buying anything food related. It's so much easier without food, if we could only survive like this, lots of problems would be resolved for me. Don't get me wrong, I love food, I love cooking but it gives me so many temptations while when I'm in ketosis I can easily ignore any temptation and be happy. With this fast, I'm saving money and - since I'm in the process of buying a new car - is always good having extra cash for all my expenses, especially now that I'm quitting my second part time job. I see as a positive thing the fact that I'm not really concerned about food, about my scale, about the days left or the ones passing by. I don't want to be obsessed with food anymore, I want to enjoy my life, live and do whatever I want to do - without stressing about food and my heavy weight. I hope so much to reach my weight goal, whenever it will be, I don't mind fasting a bit longer, as long as I am on my ideal weight. Sometimes my left eye lid twitches, I think I'm having some Vitamins deficiency, but this is just my assumption. I'm not having dizziness either lately, which is good. I think if I keep myself active, doing anything rather than being a couch potato, I lose more and even my ketosis is better. Let's hope to see better losses in the next days!
Fasting Day #28
I'm on day 28 of this odd Fast. To be honest it's becoming a habit now, just having my coffees during the day, with some milk or cream. I don't miss food but I would like to see better results for my weight loss, instead it's going very slow. Good thing is that I don't feel hungry and never weak, my strengths are perfectly normal. I try to go to the gym 3 times a week, but my personal trainer sucks and we don't achieve much. I should start to workout by myself in addition with what I do with her. These past 2 days I was off from work, it was great actually having a day off. I hope I can soon stop working at my part time / weekend job. I really need time for myself, especially now that I have a car and I can go and see new things around me, or just enjoying myself doing absolutely nothing in front of the TV. Overall I feel good, I have the certainty that I will need to continue with this odd prolonged Fast for over 50 days, thinking about a 2 months target - in order for me to reach my weight goal. But I'm not worried about that really, as I was mentioning: it's becoming a habit and I know I'm saving a lot of money not eating solid food, although Starbucks coffees are quite expensive! I'm having BMs here and there, but still thinking on doing another colonics or at least weekly enemas, I think they will help me clean up my GI tract a bit, all this coffee most probably didn't do good to it, even though I drink decaf. I am no in ketosis in these days, I guess I had too much cream over the weekend and being inactive didn't help either, now I'm not measuring it, since I know it will take me another 2/3 days to get back into it.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Another Prolonged Fast - finally begins

I was finally able to start a new prolonged Fast this past Monday, not without difficulties I must to say; I tried and tried but I couldn’t stick to the fast not even for a day! Never happened before, I always had false attempts yes, but eventually I was always able to start fasting – actually quite often beginning with a Dry Fast.

I believe it was due to my high levels of stress; I’m sure I have adrenals fatigue in this period. I recently moved in my condo and the decision was forced by combination of events, so I had to plan everything very quickly. My mother’s surgery put on a lot of stress on me too, she was always nervous because of the surgery and being so far away did not help the overall situation.

Water Fast Day #1

The first day passed quickly and without any issue, not headache this time – and I’m really glad for that. I had some stomach growling but nothing major; I was also able to go to the gym at 6:00AM and feeling ok after (but I still had lots of glucose flowing all over my blood I’m sure). No BM today and I felt somehow bloated with lots of water retention…maybe my TOM?

Water Fast Day #2

The second day was not as easy as the first one. I had lots of stomach growling - I really felt hungry and thinking about food or to give up. But I was strong enough this time and I kept on fasting. I drunk only water these 2 first days, nothing else – actually I didn’t feel thirsty so didn’t drink much.

Fasting Day #3

On day three I started to drink decaf coffee with stevia and a bit of almond milk, lemon water and a couple of chamomile teas - no sugar, I use Stevia because I know does not affect my Ketosis. I was irritable all day, not able to focus much – here and there depression feelings, maybe a detox symptom or simply my TOM coming up. In the morning I was able to go to the gym though, not a great workout maybe but better than zero workouts!

Fasting Day #4

Day four I felt lazy and didn’t want to go to work, so I took a sick day. Working 7 days a week is tough on me, I need the money though so I have to be strong and keep going for now. I wanted to stay home, relax in bed for once – without the rush to be at work by 8:00AM or earlier. It was a beautiful sunny day so – around lunch time - I decided to take my scooter and visit a store I never been before, to check some furniture for my condo. It was a long drive, but I enjoyed. I didn’t feel hungry, just the coffee sometimes doesn’t agree with my empty stomach but I’m getting used to it. Sleep is still good.

Fasting Day #5

Today is the second visit with my dietitian – he gave me a meal plan to follow but I started fasting so didn’t actually follow his plan. I’m thinking on not telling him that I’m fasting, not everyone agrees with all the benefits from food abstinence. But maybe going forward I will tell him. As per today I will see him once a week to check my weight and how I’m doing. It keeps me accountable and my insurance covers for it so it’s practically free. I went to the gym this morning at 6:00AM, and this was the first day where I felt weak in my arms, lighter maybe with my weight but starting to feel some side effects of the Fast.

I still didn’t check my weight neither my ketosis. My dietitian will check the weight for me today (a week after first weigh in) and I might check my ketones in a couple of days, it usually takes me not less than 3 days to start burning fat. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Water Fast Day #22

Thursday – Water Fast Day #22
11:30 AM
In these days I’m thinking and thinking on how to break the Fast. One very important thing to be aware of, when breaking a prolonged fast, is that right after the Fast is broken a famine hunger comes very suddenly; so strong that I could eat the entire McDonald’s menu 5 times! So I will need to have a very detailed plan on how to break my Fast and be very strict to stick with it 100%. That’s why I am trying to figure out what is the best way of refeeding. In my previous fasts I always ate watermelon, to begin with, but this time around I would like to start with some vegetable juice too; actually I was thinking on having a drink of 50% juice of veggies and fruits and 50% of water – this to avoid a big spike of insulin. The first day I would have 8 ounces of this mix, 4 times during the day and with the days I would increase the ounces and decrease the frequency of my meals. I will post a detailed plan when I finalize it.
Today I don’t feel great in terms of motivation, I often think about eating or drinking something, but I’m being strong and not surrender to these temptations. I think it might be also due to the fact that is Christmas time, all around is a feast of colours, food, gifts, and of course I would like to enjoy the season and eat everything I could possibly eat, all those cookies, pastry and tasty sweets! But I guess is a good thing for me that I’m fasting during the holidays, so I won’t gain back in a snap everything I lost with so many sacrifices.
When doing a prolonged fast is normal having some weak moments; it’s part of the process for sure; but being in Ketosis helps, no food can certainly tempt me enough to break my fast. The only thing that could force anyone to give up a Water Fast, after so many days, is a physical issue that is compromising the wellbeing of the individual itself, this danger can be scary enough to break earlier…or not, any fast. So learn to listen carefully to your body and not push too much to reach too fast a breaking point.
It is Day #22 today but it’s still so early for me, I have lost basically nothing compared on how much I still need to lose, so I must keep going no matter what, otherwise I would be just wasted 22 days for nothing. But I’ll keep on going, I know it’s boring but the days will pass and I’ll be thankful that I did it; after all this is just between me myself and I.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Water Fast Day #21

Wednesday – Water Fast Day #21
10:30 AM
I’m back in the office today; I took yesterday off to do some errands and to go for a spa day, I really needed. Today I don’t feel doing much; I’m not sure if I am weak or just bored and unmotivated. In any case, I don’t feel hungry and fasting does not bother me much, I just like cooking and eating so I kind of miss that. Sometimes I feel a bit worn down, sort of weak but not exactly, I don’t know how to define it, I might be depleting my electrolytes and some vitamins I guess, I should do a blood test to check, but I’m lazy.
My weight is going down very slowly, as I already said hundreds times I guess, but this is my biggest concern at the moment, I’m not sure I can handle, physically, more than 50 days without food, I should take something, like Sodium, Potassium but I don’t know exactly what’s the best way to do it. Is drinking salt and water enough for my Sodium intake? How much Potassium should I take daily? My stomach gets upset if I take supplements. This morning I took a B complex pill and right after I was burping on B vitamin! I really don’t know what to do for this issue; it might compromise my ability to continue the fast.
My Ketosis is staying stable at 80mg/dL, which is good, it means I’m burning fats on a good rate; I still cannot fit in all my dresses though, but I guess is normal since I’m still way overweight and far from my target goal weight.
I did not have any BM lately, apart from the coffee effect on Monday, so this morning I was thinking that I should do an enema, not that I really feel I need it, but as prevention and cleaning measurement.
One thing I was thinking about today, that I believe I do not have Candida anymore; after these 2 past prolonged Fasts I think the level of Candida in my system went definitely down to normal values, which is a good news.
For the rest I’m doing ok I guess; days are passing, I’m already on over 20+ days, I’m trying to go to the gym as much as I can, without doing strenuous exercises; but I register good losses when I’m more active during the day. A lot of people say that after 30 days something changes in the body and we become weaker and weaker; I’m wondering if this is the case for me too; I mean last time it was definitely true for me; I felt very weak after day #30 and I wanted to break the Fast, but this time around this is not in my plans, so I hope I don’t have to deal with this – since I still have a long journey ahead of me.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Water Fast Day #19

Monday – Water Fast Day #19
9:30 AM
My Fast is proceeding well, it seems very slow but days are passing by and my weight is going down, helping me feeling better and fitting in some of my clothes without breaking any zip!
This past weekend I was working, but my part-time job does not require any strenuous activity, so I was mostly sitting on the couch watching TV. This morning my Ketosis was less than usual, at 40mg/dL; it’s been stable at 80mg/dL since I started the Fast, I’m not sure why, I still have plenty of fat on me to burn. I want to check it tomorrow – since this afternoon I’ll be going to the gym for my usual swimming workout; but overall I think I’ll be more active today.
So far I feel ok, for the first time, since I started this Fast, this past weekend I felt a bit weak and tired, not sure if it could be that I wasn’t being very active. For me, if I don’t get moving during a fast, I tend to become weak and without desire of doing anything. But at the end, I completed everything I was supposed to do, without major issues. I must to say though, that the night before I didn’t have much sleep so it could be that too; last night in fact I slept without waking up once, which is uncommon for me when I fast.
This morning I had a big decaf coffee and now my tummy hurts; I went already once to the bathroom, and whatever BM I had was mostly coffee I think. I should not drink coffee so quickly, especially in the morning, my stomach is very sensitive. I still have my period, this thing is very odd for me that I usually miss my period for months, who knows what’s happening with my hormones?!
My tongue is still coated, it gives me the usual terrible taste, it makes me feel thirsty when I’m not, but I’m learning to live with it, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.
I’m losing an average of 200gr per day, which is very little I know; it seems my body is getting used to fasting an d it holds on my fat longer than previous fasts, well at least that’s how I feel but I might be wrong; every fast is different after all.
I hope I can be done by mid of December, although is not looking good as a date – since I still have at least 20 pounds to lose and they will not be gone overnight; I also believe I will be losing less and less going forward so there’s that too. Well let’s see I’ll figure out with the weeks, hopefully not too many weeks!